The Cleanest Way To Smoke Weed

Cannabis in general has had a major image refresh over the last few years. It’s gone from a novelty recreational substance to something that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Increasing legality, availability, and awareness of its benefits medicinally and recreationally. Professionals, family people, and others are now major consumer segments for cannabis businesses. When we talk about the medical realm, that expands even further. People may try cannabis for the first time for medical reasons, even if they don’t feel like part of “the scene.”

With that said, there’s still a lot of informational work to be done to get others on board. One of the major sticking points for many people on the fence is the actual nature of smoking weed. Some just don’t like the aesthetics or feeling of actively smoking. Others have seen the mound of health evidence against smoking cigarettes, and fear that smoking cannabis invites some of the same issues. With that in mind, let’s profile some of the alternative methods available to find the cleanest way to smoke weed.

The Options On The Table

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The cleanest way to smoke weed has a bit of a fluid definition, but the easiest way to narrow it down is the consumption method that lets you get as many benefits of cannabis as possible with a minimal risk of damage. Let’s profile some of the biggest alternatives to smoking weed.

Vaping Concentrates

Vaping has been hailed as a healthier alternative to smoking for some time now. Vaping doesn’t involve inhaling smoke, which can be a benefit for many looking for a cleaner way. In addition, as vaping becomes more popular, it’s easy to find gear and accessories to help you consume cannabis this way. This applies whether you are looking for health benefits, or just want to enjoy the taste and smell of the plant. Vaping cannabis, as a concentrate or the plant itself, is an option for medical consumption.

Vaping Plants

Vaping cannabis as a plant brings a lot of the same benefits as vaping concentrates. In fact, many may find it preferable when it comes to consuming cannabis for medical needs.One side note with vaping versus smoking is that many people who vape experience stronger effects than smoking. This means that first-time-vapers need to be very careful with their dosages.

There’s a growing concern when it comes to the safety of vaping as well. A lot of this has to do with additives. Many vaping products that contain THC also contain vitamin E acetate, an additive that has been linked to thousands of cases of lung injury and even death, in some cases. The good news about vaping risks is that these specifically applies to vaping concentrates. If you just want to vape the actual cannabis plant, the risk is lower. Admittedly, there isn’t a ton of research done in this regard, though.


If you just work off of basic first impressions, bongs would seem like a safer alternative to smoking. After all, it’s not nearly as harsh a sensation when inhaling, right? This is true, but in terms of lung impact, it is pretty identical to other forms of smoking.


A joint is one of the methods usable to consume medicinal marijuana, and has the benefit of being easy to create and to use. All you need is rolling paper and the plant itself. In addition, this is a popular method simply due to the ability to enjoy the smell and taste of the plant.


Both of these involve inhaling smoke, but that doesn’t mean they are interchangable. Your average blunt is made from a hollowed-out cigar, and is far larger than a joint. This is key for two reasons:

  1. Cigar wrappers have a high concentration of toxins, and this is reflected in their smoke.
  2. Each blunt you smoke can be the equivalent of five to six joints, depending on size.

Blunts do have the benefit of easy accessibility, but it’s important to be mindful of the dangers of mixing weed with other materials.


Dabbing is the relatively new option on the market, which means research is minimal. What we do know as far as risk goes is that this provides a higher amount of THC, which means it needs to be handled with caution. There are also concerns about the presence of contaminants in dabs, so always work with a provider you trust. Finally, while dabs aren’t technically smoking, there is some evidence of lung damage in some cases.

Supporting Your Smoking

While no method of smoking weed is completely risk-free, the silver lining is that no matter what you do, you have some options to help mitigate any sort of damage, especially if you’re only partaking on occasion. Here are a few steps that you can take while smoking to try and lower harm.

Try not to hold an inhale: Pop culture may lie to you here. Holding your breath in after inhaling means that your lungs are exposed to more tar when you smoke.

Use the right accessories: In many cases, the accessories you use can increase the respiratory risk of smoking. For example, non-FDA-approved rolling papers may have toxic chemicals/flavorings. Plastic bongs/pipes may have chemicals like phthalates and BPAs, so you want to use glass ones instead. Other items that may pose a mix are using old plastic grinders. As an additional point, investing in proper storage and handling of cannabis plants helps contribute to its health benefits, while also preserving the additional taste and smell.

Do best practices when you smoke: This is a pretty wide span of behaviors, but some of the key things to focus on are keeping equipment like pipes and bongs clean regularly. In addition, you want to avoid doing any rolling on an unclean surface. Finally, despite pop-culture descriptions, sharing pipes, joints or bongs is highly discouraged. Even outside of recent concerns, it poses a major infection hazard.

Practice deep breathing: This is especially useful for those who plan on being more casual with their cannabis use. Deep breathing is good for supporting mental and respiratory health. When you practice deep breathing, you let clean air move throughout your lungs while pushing out toxins. Any basic yoga resource/class can give you great deep breathing tips.

Clean Weed Delivery Beyond Smoking

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While there are some methods that are closer to that cleanest way to smoke weed, many may not even want to smoke at all. After all, the easiest way to avoid any lung effects is to not use your lungs at all. Here’s a look at the key options in this area.

Edibles: Edibles are growing in popularity, as enterprising cannabis companies incorporate weed into everything from baked goods to gummies to butter to beverages. The good news here is that consuming cannabis this way poses no risk to your respiratory system, and many of these methods are inherently portable. However, by nature, they are more potent, long-lasting, and take longer to kick in compared to smoking. This means that newcomers need to use these very carefully.

Sublinguals: When it comes to portability, these take it to the next level. Sublingual preparations are placed under the tongue, and can take the form of tinctures, tablets, or films. These are generally felt faster. In the case of tinctures, you can even add these to drinks.

Topicals: Pain support is a major reason why people who may not have wanted cannabis recreationally are now giving it a try. Topical preparations offer a great alternative for those who are interested in the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. Creams and salves can be applied to a certain part of the body to provide relief to that area.

Ultimately, when it comes to the cleanest way to smoke weed, a balanced approach is key. You want to take a method that provides minimal damage to your body, in a way that lets you slowly hone in on the ideal dosage for your needs. At the same time, you want to also make sure that you are using the best root product possible. This means not only sourcing cannabis free of any additives or chemicals, but that is sustainably produced by people who care about quality and the environment they work in. We understand that clean cannabis smoking/consumption is what the modern user wants. At AEQUI, we supplement your cannabis goals with weed grinders and storage containers. The idea of a cannabis “scene” is over. Now it’s time to make your personal scene.

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