Your style.
Your scene.
We design aesthetic Hemp experiences.

Accessories to reflect who you are.

The Hemp scene is personal, and changing. We want to introduce a level of elegance and aesthetic delight that meets a new era of modern smokers.

For moments shared.

Your experiences with Aequi don't always happen alone. We are constantly designing for meaningful, shared and intimate environments with those you trust most. The hemp experience is there to be shared, and our accessories and resources are made with this in mind.

Designed for you.

Our products are designed for lovers of aesthetics and quality. For the creative types. The professionals. Those among us open to new and elevated experiences. We design for aesthetes of all backgrounds; so long as they are seeking peak experiences.


Made to last

Our products are designed to be lifetime companions.


Enhanced cannabis experiences

Hemp is entering a new era. It deserves a new look and feel to match.


Live with balance

AEQUI is dedicated to helping our customers live creative, fulfilled and balanced lives.

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